This is a long one, and partly that’s due to Jared’s idea of “three and one” going even more off-piste than usual into his “nonagon of naughtiness’; the “nine stage trail of fail” as he looks at the various levels of intersection between comicbook reality and, well, reality.

The comic that led him there is the long-delayed Warren Ellis/Phil Jimenez/Andy Lanning Hellblazer story Shoot. Originally intended for publication in the late 90s but withheld due to its school shooting subject matter and the Columbine attack which happened before it was published, Vertigo finally released it twelve years later as a one-shot packaged with some other Hellblazer stories.

Loving a bit of controversy as we do, we thought it was a perfect subject for us to take on. So come with us, listeners, to a dark place with some difficult subjects to navigate. And that’s just Jared’s stuff.

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