There’s a lot to be said for planning ahead at this time of the year, so we thought it would make sense to get our plan for the next six weeks or so nailed down and shared with the world; especially as we’re planning a couple of special format shows to round off the year.

So: We just posted Episode 26 this past Monday, when we talked about Hellblazer: Shoot.

  • Episode 27 will be out this coming Friday 20th (yes, two shows in the same week, you lucky, lucky people), when we’ll be covering issue #1 of Alias and Jon’s got a 3&1 of Brian Bendis’ series to coincide with the release of Netflix’s Jessica Jones that same day.
  • Episode 28 will be released on Friday 4th December and we’ll be delving back to the early days of The Unwritten, for issue #10, the start of the Jud Süss story, and a 3&1 from Rebecca.
  • Episode 29, out on 20th December and just in time to fill in some festive downtime, will be the first of our two special format shows, when we blow out the 3&1 format to fill a whole show and we all deal with the same subject: Which three comic series would you most like to be given to write, and what would you do with them? And which one would you not touch with a bargepole?
  • Then for Episode 30, to round out the year we’ll be looking back at the comics we’ve reviewed through the entire series so far to see what we’ve stuck with, what we wish we’d stuck with, what we did stick with and wish we’d dropped, and just generally what we’ve taken out of our first twenty eight shows. That’ll be out on Thursday 31st December – because what’s New Year without retrospection and some existential regret?

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