When an award-winning author on African-American identity takes on one of the most famous (and currently particularly visible) black characters in comics, the expectation level is set sky-high. Black Panther #1 from a couple of months ago sets the scene for an extended, and clearly multi-faceted, story which author Ta-Nehisi Coates clearly approaches with no suggestion he’s planning on dumbing down for comics. Together with artistic collaborators Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin, he kicks off with a first issue that jumps straight into politics, relationships, history and tradition, and some good old-fashioned fisticuffs to keep things moving. How does it all stack up? Listen and find out.

And in honour of Coates’ transition to comics from other writing fields, Jared’s 3&1 is on exactly that – authors who made their name elsewhere first. No spoilers, but his selected Worst One Ever has been mentioned on the show before. And he’s right – he’s a terrible, terrible comic writer.

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