So one of the “every Spider ever”s of Spider-Verse is the version where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the spider rather than Peter Parker, and things have pretty much gone downhill for her from there. Issue one of Spider-Gwen unexpectedly turns out to be the comic which divided our opinions most sharply so far. In this one we take a tour of the way people view female heroes compared to male ones, consider the way people come to comics in the “it’s all on the internet anyway” age and discuss the pros and cons of the alternate universe in comics.  Also: Bex reveals her true colours, Jared reveals his part-time identity as Cliché Man and Jon reveals he’s the kind of person who uses the word ‘shebang’. This one’s got it all, kids. Though actually: don’t listen kids – there are bad words and a drug reference (hence the ‘explicit’ tag on this one).

Listen below or get the feed over on the right.

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