We want to apologise to our loyal listeners for the extreme shortage of new shows since the turn of the year. Unfortunately a combination of real life factors has affected our ability to get together and talk about comics. Which frustrates us as much as it does anyone. In honour of the widely held view that she’s the best thing in Batman vs Superman, we’re recording a show tonight about some classic Wonder Woman, and then we’re hoping to get more in the can in the near future.

Thanks for bearing with us – we hope to be back on our old two-weekly schedule ASAP.

Seeing out the old year and welcoming the new, we’ve succumbed to the lure of nostalgia and done a review show of all the One Comics to date. Which of the series we said we’d stick with did we follow? Have we changed our minds on anything with hindsight or the benefit of more issues? What is the secret to the perfect One Comic? Based on this view it’s a combination of smut, Bex and Jared sniping at each other and a healthy disregard for received wisdom. About *anything*.

Also to note that with apologies, the technical challenges that plagued us at the end of the year affected the sound quality of the new parts of this. We’re hoping to have resolved this for our next session. Thanks for listening – Happy 2016!

Season’s Greetings! Feliz Navidad! Nadolig Llawen!

Spoiler! There is No Comic in this One Comic. Instead, as the first of our two festive specials, we’re giving full rein to our comic creator fantasies and doing a mass Three And One (which technically is therefore a Nine And Three) on the comic series or characters we’d most like to be given control of and what we’d do with them. And of course because the point is that it’s our Top Three and Worst One Ever, we also talk about the character we’d each least like to take on and what we’d do with them if it was the price of getting our hands on our favourite.

Not to give anything away, these lists go to some strange places, including Bex taking over from two of the biggest names in comics history, Jared creating a new teen soap and to no one’s greater shock than his own, Jon not claiming Legion of Super-Heroes. Maybe next time.

There’s a lot to be said for planning ahead at this time of the year, so we thought it would make sense to get our plan for the next six weeks or so nailed down and shared with the world; especially as we’re planning a couple of special format shows to round off the year.

So: We just posted Episode 26 this past Monday, when we talked about Hellblazer: Shoot.

  • Episode 27 will be out this coming Friday 20th (yes, two shows in the same week, you lucky, lucky people), when we’ll be covering issue #1 of Alias and Jon’s got a 3&1 of Brian Bendis’ series to coincide with the release of Netflix’s Jessica Jones that same day.
  • Episode 28 will be released on Friday 4th December and we’ll be delving back to the early days of The Unwritten, for issue #10, the start of the Jud Süss story, and a 3&1 from Rebecca.
  • Episode 29, out on 20th December and just in time to fill in some festive downtime, will be the first of our two special format shows, when we blow out the 3&1 format to fill a whole show and we all deal with the same subject: Which three comic series would you most like to be given to write, and what would you do with them? And which one would you not touch with a bargepole?
  • Then for Episode 30, to round out the year we’ll be looking back at the comics we’ve reviewed through the entire series so far to see what we’ve stuck with, what we wish we’d stuck with, what we did stick with and wish we’d dropped, and just generally what we’ve taken out of our first twenty eight shows. That’ll be out on Thursday 31st December – because what’s New Year without retrospection and some existential regret?

Or feel free to suggest comics you’d like us to cover in the comments (which have an anti-spam filter, so they won’t show up immediately).

So the best laid plans, and all that.

Do to some scheduling issues, in a change from our advertised podcasts, the next two shows are actually going to be:

Episode 5: Batgirl #35

Episode 6: Vertigo Quarterly: Yellow

We will be getting to Frank, but it’ll be a few weeks off. We know – we’re as devastated as you are.

When we originally started out on this project (all of a month ago), the plan was that each show would feature Jon and either Rebecca or Jared. This was mostly Jon’s effort to minimise the time requirement from the others, having roped them in to this in the first place.  Show one was all three of us so that we all had a chance to establish ourselves, then the regular routine was due to kick in.

Except it turns out everyone enjoys it enough to want to do them all, and three perspectives opens up the discussion more.  So it looks like we’re inverting the model and the usual routine will be three of us per show with possible occasional two-handers if schedules get sticky.

Also, the About page here now has a short bio for each of us to give a bit more of a sense of where we’re coming from.

With episode three in the wild; a quick look at the next few shows:

Show number four will be a look at the Breaks webcomic, which you can find here if you’d like to check it out. A print edition of the Prologue chapter is also available.

For number five we’re jumping back into superheroes for the first time since show one when we talk about Batgirl #35 from DC – the first issue of that series’ new direction.

And then in show six we go right off the deep end and dig into one of the Frank stories from Jim Woodring’s The Portable Frank.


As always, we’d love to hear what you think of what we’re doing, and any suggestions for content. We’re planning to keep mixing old and new, genres, formats and publishers

Show number one was put together with various images from the Thor comic we were discussing extracted and included in the file to illustrate the points we were making.

Show number two wasn’t.

It’s early days and we’re still experimenting with how we do things, but we suspect that feature probably won’t be coming back. Two reasons:

1) It’s a bit of a pain in the arse to find the right frames, capture them, crop them to squares and edit them in at the right points.

2) It’s by no means clear how much value they actually added. It’s an audio podcast so the chance are people aren’t looking at their device most of the time when they’re listening.

So if you did notice the difference from one to two; now you know why.

So a few inevitable teething issues later (what failed recording necessitating us repeating two-thirds of the thing?),  show one is recorded.

As mentioned on Twitter last night, show one is about issue one of the new Thor series from Marvel.

A few words that you’ll be hearing: “problematic”, “goats” and “moping”.  Though not “problematic goats moping”, which is a significantly different comic.

Should be available for download over the weekend.