So, what do you do if you’re a famously an infamously sexy vampire heroine with a werewolf boyfriend and a snooty butler looking to make a fresh start?You move to Los Angeles, rent an enormous gothic mansion via an ad on Craig’s List and get yourself a whole new wardrobe. That;s the starting point for a new series of Vampirella, and the biggest change is the most obvious – the classic Trina Robbins-designed costume, famous from the walls of comic shops the world over, is gone, at least as far as Vampi’s public face is concerned. As our heroine gets settled in to her new life and deals with unexpected intruders and internet infamy we also begin to discover a monstrous threat looming over a group of unsuspecting movie extras. The plot, as they say, thickens…

And on the subject of vampires in comics, it’s time for one of Jon’s 3&1 segments on that very subject.

Famed comics writer Gail Simone has been writing Red Sonja’s exploits for Dynamite for a while now, so we wanted to see how a well-regarded writer took on a character whose portrayal over the years has frequently been… let’s just say “not exactly feminist”. This issue, a chapter of an ongoing ‘quest’ storyline, served as an intro to the current run for two of the team, so how did it stand up as an entry point, as a piece of fantasy storytelling, as a comic book, and as a woman-led title?

And for this show’s Top Three and Worst One Ever, Bex takes a look at madness in comics, trying to work out what it takes to make mental illness (or what comics tend to deliver when they try for it) work in comics, and why it’s so hard to get right.

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