By many accounts, one of the few high points of the low point extravaganza that is Batman vs Superman, is the introduction of Wonder Woman to the DC Cinematic Universe. So to mark that, we’ve declared episode 32 The All Wonder Woman, All The Time Show. One of Diana’s most famous reworkings was the post-Crisis version generally know as the [George] Perez Era, so we’ve jumped back to the mid-80s to look at the very first issue of that famous run. Does it stand up, thirty years later? What’s good, what’s bad, and what’s unexpected? The Crisis wiped Diana’s slate clean, so as a fresh start, how does this work out?

And what’s this? More Wonder Woman? Well of course, what did you expect?. Jon’s got a 3&1 of Wonder Woman eras, and at one point when he shows the others a particular cover, this is the one he means – no peeking ahead of time though.

Yes, we know it’s February, but we still say Happy 2016 at the start of this, our first show of the year. We’re somehow managing the trick of getting all retro with a brand new comic in this one, as we take a look at the return of Swamp Thing’s original writer in issue one of the new Swamp Thing limited series. Given the wealth of different takes and additions to the mythology that have some along since Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson first created the Thing in the Swamp, what’s it like having Wein back?

And given the unquestionable impact of Alan Moore’s retcon of Swampy’s origin, Jon takes a swing at a 3&1 of Retconned Origins. If you know his favourite ranting subjects at all, you’ll probably know what’s his Worst One Ever.

Time to dip into the DC Trinity for the first time, with a look at this month’s Batman #43, part three of the Superheavy story which introduced a new man in the Batman suit, a new Batman suit (or two), a new version of Bruce Wayne, and a new Batman villain in the form of Mr Bloom. So there’s a LOT going on here, including a great deal of back story to get caught up on. The last couple of times we delved into the DC Universe we didn’t have such a good time. Will things be better as we get to grips with the acclaimed Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo run?

And almost as importantly, what will Bex select as her Top Three/Worst One Ever superhero origins?

This time we set out to see what was going on with a character that’s currently getting some press, courtesy of the upcoming film and last week’s release of the film poster image. Aquaman issue 39 from DC is smack bang in the middle of an ongoing story, so this also feels like a great chance to test how well an ongoing handles that “every issue is someone’s first” principle. (Warning: some strong language.)

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It’s an all-new, all-different (sorry, wrong publisher) chapter in Barbara Gordon’s life, as she moves across the river, fights crime with a hangover, gets Black Canary’s pad burned down and takes on a particularly topical bad guy. Who we inexplicably forgot to mock for talking in hashtags. #Literally. So does this new start for Batgirl work?

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