In comic book terms, there are few characters (and certainly few non-superhero characters) more iconic than Archie Andrews, so the launch of a brand new Archie #1 seems like a suitable occasion for us to mark. This first issue also includes a reprint of the very first Archie short story, which is… different. So how does this relaunch by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples measure up to the Archies of Jared’s youth? Back in show 3 we looked at the new horror version of Sabrina, which showed a different version of the Archie universe – how well or badly does a relatively traditional take play?

And in the return of Top Three/Worst One Ever, Jared takes us through his Top Three (actually Five) Enduring Comicbook Romances. It’s safe to say we don’t all agree with his choices.

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This time, for our third debut issue in a row we’re talking about issue one of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina from Archie Comics and along the way we identify “the Brady Bunch of comics”, are surprised by the grimdarkness of it all, and unexpectedly return to previous themes including characterful animals, people in trees and witches. (Okay, given this is a book about a teenage witch the last one’s not *that* unexpected.)

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