About One Comic

This is a podcast in which we talk about one comic that we’ve read in the week of broadcast.  This is not necessarily the same as the week in which the comic was published – we’ll be mixing up new stuff with classic old.  It’s not a “pick of the week”; it’s not a best or the worst of the week; just one comic that we wanted to talk about.

The show will take in books from a range of publishers and genres, with each of us selecting titles for the others to read.

About Us

Rebecca is an editor and author, with a writing career taking in TV, games, magazines and novels in many genres, including Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper adaptations. Smiler’s Fair, the first book in her epic fantasy series The Hollow Gods was published this summer. Comic-wise, she’s bringing Frank, The Unwritten and Sandman to the early episodes of the show.

Most likely to say “Why are you making me read this bollocks?.”

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Jared does everything. One of the driving forces behind the award-winning genre site Pornokitsch, Jared also runs Jurassic London, a not-for-profit genre fiction publisher. Jared brought the first issue of Sabrina into our lives, for which we are eternally grateful.

Most likely to say “It was okay, but it needs more weird shit. And tentacles.”

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Jon has done some podcasting before, but his primary qualification for this whole thing is the frankly embarrassing quantity of comics he’s read over 40-odd years and the amount of trivia his weird brain has stockpiled about them all. He also writes about various things on Pornokitsch. Blame this whole thing on him.

Most likely to say “Swarm? Oh yes, he’s the Nazi super-villain made of bees. First appeared in Champions 14.” (A comic he owned…)

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And of course:

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